The Introduction


Start With Great Staff and Build a Process to Last

Outsourcing enables you to lower costs, access talent, gain scalability, reduce time to market, focus on core business and enhance capacity for growth & innovation. Sourcefit makes it easier than ever to get started. You select your staff and give them work and we handle the rest including recruitment and pre-screening, all HR management, office infrastructure, PC’s, IT support, Internet and all operational management.

The Process

Simple Steps for Getting Started

Our goal is build on these structural benefits and make outsourcing an easy, risk-free, indispensible tool for your business.

Free Consultation

First, we will set up a time for us to learn about your business and assess your goals and needs. We will likewise answer any questions you may have about us or about outsourcing in general. This consultation may be a voice call, e-mail exchange, video conference or face-to-face meeting.

Creating a Plan

Based on our discussions, we will create a plan that will cover manpower and infrastructure requirements, hiring structure (staff leasing or managed solution), timelines and pricing structure. This plan requires no obligation on your part and is subject to further discussions until we reach mutual agreement on all points.

Recruiting Your Staff

Once a plan is in place we will begin recruiting your staff.

Finalizing an Agreement

Once you have identified the candidates you wish to hire, we will finalize and sign our outsourcing agreement and formally begin operations.

Set Up

After finalizing the above, we will assign the necessary office space, workstations and network infrastructure to your team. As soon as recruiting and any training is finished, your team can begin its work.


Once things are up and running, we will not rest. We will always look for ways to improve the performance of your team and offer you greater value. Your success is our success, so we willl never stop working to help you succeed.

Start Your Growth Now

Get Top Staff

Build a seamless extension of your local team for a fraction of the cost by outsourcing.

Begin risk free

No obligation until you’ve found the perfect fit. Never any set-up fees or long-term commitment.

Build lasting value

Lower costs, increase efficiency and gain a long-term advantage